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Increasing allocations of capital to real assets in a shrinking investable universe will necessitate the acceleration of investment in alternative types of assets and operating businesses. Stormont Partners makes platform/GP level investments in a range of established and emerging real estate asset classes that are expected to grow to institutional scale and commensurate mainstream appeal. We invest only in asset classes in which we have a deep expertise and can add value through our management and ownership. Our investments are thematic and evergreen/ long-term in nature.

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Glengarry is Canada's first institutionally-backed private agricultural lender.

Glengarry’s mission is to provide farmers with sensible and practical financial solutions when banks and government agencies do not meet their needs. 

Stormont created the Glengarry platform in early 2021.


South Bond is an investment management platform focused on identifying and acquiring underutilized land within the GTA.

The company creates value through the land entitlement process, in turn realizing the highest and best use for a given development site.


Stormont became a cornerstone investor in the South Bond platform in 2022.

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