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Formed in 2018, Stormont Partners is a Toronto-based merchant bank providing advisory and investment management services to the Canadian real estate industry.

Our advisory business provides traditional investment banking services, including advice on corporate strategy, public and private company M&A advisory, asset brokerage, capital raising and partnerships, and project and corporate finance. Where there is a compelling investment case and where our interests are well aligned with those of our clients, we may also act as investors, putting our own capital behind our advice.

Our clients include a wide range of private and public companies, institutional and private equity investors, developers, and government and related agencies.


Stormont focuses on demographically driven strategies, mostly centered on urbanization and related themes – land development, housing, healthcare real estate and related operating businesses.


We are privately owned, mostly by our employees, but with some key strategic external partners in both our main merchant banking business and in our investee platforms.

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